Text to Speech

Text to Speech

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Want to listen to an article instead of reading it? You can do so now by installing this extension and choosing the text for the software to read out aloud.

This software provides a lot of different voices you can choose from. It supports multiple languages such as english, chinese, french, german etc and is
useful when you just want to rest your eyes and listen to the article being read out instead.

Core Benefits
- change text articles to audio files to be read out
- supports multiple languages
- 100% free software
- multiple accents available for each language


1. As shown below, you can highlight the text you want -> right mouse button -> Text to Speech

2. Or you can click on the Text to Speech icon on the right side of the browser.

3. At this point the entire content of the website you selected will be displayed on extension Text to Speech, and you can listen to the text.

Text to Speech