Screen Recorder for Chrome Browser

Screen Recorder

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Need to make a recording of your Chrome browser? Simply install this extension and you can begin making screen recordings.

Core Benefits
- 100% Free Software
- No watermarks on recorded videos
- Supports Google Drive, recordings can be saved onto Google Drive
- Make video recordings of both your desktop/Chrome Browser

This extension is crucial for group projects/remote workers when you need to give feedback/highlight changes which need to be made
to a website/to a design. By using a video recording, it is a lot easier to pinpoint the exact changes which need to be made, without
having to rely on a ton of text.


1. You need to create an account, or log in to use

2. You can record any web page, computer screen or just open the webcam.

2. Start recording

3. When finished, you can download to your computer or upload to google drive

Screen Recorder for Chrome Browser