Path of Exile

Free Online action RPG

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Play this free action RPG where you have to protect the fantasy world of Wraeclast. This RPG has an innovative skills system, which allows you to customize your character into the playstyle you want.

Skills in Path of Exile are items - gems that grant abilities when socketed into equipment. A wide range of support gems allow the behaviour of skills to be modified. You can augment your Fireball 
to chain from enemy to enemy or split into multiple flaming projectiles.

There are lots of passive skills you can try out as well which will drastically affect the playstyle of your character. For example, Resolute Technique removes your ability to get critical strikes, but also prevents enemies from evading your attacks. Necromantic Aegis grants the properties of your shield to your minions rather than to you.

The best thing about this Action RPG is there is NO Pay to Win at all. All payments are for cosmetic effects and do not affect the gameplay balance at all. In a world where greedy developers try to cater to whale players, this stand by Path of Exile deserves to be commended as money does not affect the gameplay at all.

The game is usually updated drastically every few months to ensure the meta/playstyle is always evolving and players wont be bored with the game.


                                                     Players role-playing and appear in the village to accept missions or buy items

                                                                                             Treasure chest

                                                                                Fight with the boss

Path of Exile