Email Tracker

Track when your emails are read

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Ever wanted to track when your emails have been read. Do so now when you install Email Tracker. Email Tracker lets you know
exactly when your sent emails have been opened, using a simple checkmark method similar to Whatsapp.

Core Benefits include
- Track when emails are opened
- Track location of user when emails are opened
- Get data on whether email was opened on desktop/mobile phone

Ever wanted to know if your e-mail has been read, or whether you need to follow up with a phone call? Try installing this extension
today and you can track your sent emails.


1. Send emails as you normally do

2.  Your new email will display a circle to indicate it is being tracked. When a person reads an email, the circle becomes a check mark.

3. Click the icon in the upper right of your browser to open Email Tracking Feed. Here you can see that the emails are open and unopened and can also click on the link

Email Tracker