Block Websites on Chrome

Block Websites on Chrome and increase productivity

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Stay focused and improve productivity by blocking any distracting or harmful website. Stop procastination by blocking websites such as

Simply Block Websites during work hours - No willpower necessary. Be focused 100% at work

- Choose the websites you want to block, and the hours you want them to be blocked for
- You can visit these websites if you type in a password of your choosing.
- Help improve productivity by blocking these websites which are a huge time sink.
- You can choose to block gambling/adult websites etc, this is very useful for users who have young children

Dont rely on your willpower anymore. Just block distracting websites during your work hours so you can be more productive at work.


1. Enter the website address you want to block (example: facebook)

2. Press Add site

3. You can enable block mode for all adult sites

Block Websites on Chrome