Amazon Price Tracker

Track price of products on Amazon

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Want to keep track of prices for products sold on Try using this extension today, it tracks the prices of products you
are interested in and will let you know when the price of the item drops.

Most items sold on Amazon nowadays are sold by individual merchants on Amazon. Amazon just takes care of the fulfilment of the orders.
As most items are sold vka this marketplace model where individual merchants decide on the pricing of their products, prices of items 
can change/fluctuate quite drastically and its very important to have an app which can keep you updated.

This extension We track any product for you and notify you once the product drops below your desired price. They track lightning deals as well!

Prices for all Amazon locales are listed and can easily be tracked.


1. This is the main interface of Amazon Price Tracker Extension 

2. You can find a product on Amazon that you want to track.

3. Here you can track the price of products that change over time

4.  After that, you can select and track the products you choose.

Amazon Price Tracker